Colonial Oil is proud to share that we are now leading the energy transition in our region by providing ProForm, a renewable diesel (R99), as the first distributor on the East Coast. ProForm is available for full truck and trailer loads, tank wagon drivers, truck-to-truck on-site mobile fueling, and more.

ProForm is fully compatible with all diesel engines, no vehicle modifications required. This transition can be made easy by switching between fuel types without conversion costs to vehicles or storage infrastructure. ProForm is a drop-in fuel meaning it can be blended with any ratio of fossil fuel - simply drop and go!

Future Proof

With the capability to reduce emissions by up to 75% over the lifecycle of the fuel compared to fossil diesel, you can get ahead of future rules and regulations regarding the emission output.

The Benefits

  • High cetane rating leading to smoother engine operation, less noise, and potentially reduced engine wear
  • Easier starts and optimal performance in cold weather conditions
  • Zero change or disruption to your fleet operations Less soot can lead to fewer regenerations and lower backpressure, improving fuel economy
ProForm fleet-alertnate fuels
ProForm vessel - Alternate Fuels
  • Aromatic free fuel – a paraffinic molecule which gives better cold flow properties, lower emissions, and lubricity compared to diesel fuels with higher aromatic contents
  • Outstanding stability, which makes it a reliable choice for storage since it does not attract water, minimizing the risk of quality deterioration or microbial growth


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