More than 100 years of experience...

The company was founded by Raymond M. Demere in 1921 when he returned from World War I after having served with distinction. He decided that a promising career would be one that supplied petroleum products for the new internal combustion engines to power the vehicles replacing the horse and buggy. He founded the American Oil Company with a total beginning inventory of one 55-gallon drum of oil.

In 1933, Standard Oil Company of Indiana wanted to expand the operation of its own American Oil Company in the Southeast. Mr. Demere agreed to release the name and he and his associates renamed the company Colonial Oil.

Colonial Oil continued to expand its facilities even during the Great Depression and constructed an oil terminal on the Savannah River in 1934. In 1946 the plant, pipelines, and other facilities have operated under the name of Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. Mr. Raymond M. Demere remained its President until the time of his death in 1953. In 1958 his son, Robert H. Demere became President who continued to grow and expand the Colonial business. In 1986, Robert H. Demere became Chairman and was succeeded as President by his son, Robert H. Demere, Jr. Under the leadership of the second and third-generation presidents, the company was marked by impressive growth and accomplishments.

In 2018, Christian B. Demere, accepted the responsibility and opportunity of continuing his great-grandfather’s legacy and became the fourth-generation President. He believes strongly in the core values that began in 1921: Service, Integrity, Entrepreneurship, and Family.

Customer Relationship Driven...

COI's goal is to add value to our customers' business by consistently providing high-quality products, custom blends, equipment, and superior technical support when and where it is needed, at competitive prices. With unparalleled industry knowledge and ingenuity, the COI team identifies opportunities within a customer’s operation and delivers safe, highly effective, custom-tailored solutions. What drives us is simple: Our commitment to providing excellent service every single day.

Business Growth...

COI actively expands our transport fleet, inventory, and facilities, as well as acquire technologies that will further advance the integration of our service capabilities. COI continues to strive to create the greatest value for our customers.

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