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Colonial Oil Industries
Colonial Oil Industries
Colonial Oil Industries
Colonial Oil Industries
Fuel Services & Products
Fuel Services & Products
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Fleet Fueling
On-Site Fuel Delivery
On-Site Fuel Delivery
Fuel Services & Equipment
Fuel Services & Equipment
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Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. (COI) offers a comprehensive range of fuel products and fuel management solutions with our distinctive “Soaring Eagle” fuel service delivering the highest quality fuels and most reliable distribution services available in the Southeastern United States.

We safely deliver gasoline and diesel fuels on land and sea, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, at competitive prices. We conduct innovative plant and fleet inspections focused on identifying ways to simplify our customers’ refueling procedures. Together with our customers, we use this information to develop and implement fully integrated fuel management solutions that are adapted to our customers’ operations. Utilizing the latest technology, we can target areas so our customers can increase their efficiency and reduce their costs.

As a subsidiary of Colonial Group, Inc., COI partners with our sister companies to strengthen our products and service offerings. Therefore through these partnerships, COI customers are provided with unequaled quality testing, custom blending, and storage capabilities.

High-Quality Fuel Products

As a position holder of petroleum products, our supply options include directly owned fuels as well as those of third-party suppliers with whom we have longstanding relationships. COI aggressively and successfully negotiates the very best price, so our customers pay less for high-quality fuel. We can offer our customers the highest quality gasoline, diesel, kerosene, marine-grade fuel as well as fuel additives and maintenance products.

Excellence in Safety

Excellence in safety is a core value of Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. We ensure that all our equipment is maintained, tested, and certified. Our tank installation procedures make certain your tanks are fitted correctly. Employees attend regularly scheduled safety classes and receive training in the latest protocols in equipment compliance, driver safety, and hazardous material response. The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority.

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