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Colonial Oil Industries
Colonial Oil Industries
Colonial Oil Industries
Lubricant Services & Products
Lubricant Services & Products
Lubricant Service & Delivery
Lubricant Service & Delivery
Lubricant Products
Lubricant Products
Bulk or Packaged
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Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. (COI) distributes the highest quality lubricant products, bulk or packaged, and a full line of industry-specific lubricants throughout the Southeastern United States. Our experienced lubricant specialists’ unrivaled industry knowledge provides our customers with innovative, efficiency-driven lubricant programs and services. With 13 strategically located distribution hubs and our diverse transport fleet, customers rely on COI for an immediate response and timely delivery. COI’s lubricant services are designed to create value for our customers’ businesses. Through plant, fleet, and equipment surveys, our lubricant specialists, first and foremost, make certain a customer is using the correct lubricants in the correct amount at the right place at the right time and intervals. We then develop a lubricant program and maintenance schedule tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. This approach saves our customers time and money by reducing costly downtime, improving fuel efficiency, and extending equipment viability.

COI offers a comprehensive product inventory for a broad range of businesses that will be safely delivered on-demand or on an established delivery schedule by our growing "Soaring Eagle" fleet. We supply the highest quality products from Castrol Marine, Citgo, Clarion, Fuchs, Kendall, Lucas, Mystik, Phillips, Power Service, Total Energy, and our brand, Pro-Shield. Our exceptional inventory includes industrial and small engine oils, automotive and heavy-duty gear lubricants, industrial gear oils and fluids, compressor lubricants, food-grade products, process oils, transmission fluids, white mineral oil, and specialty products such as DEF fluid, antifreeze, and coolants, as well as paper and forest products.

Contact our COI Fuels & Lubricants Team to learn more about our high-quality products, custom blends, and equipment.

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Fuel & Lubricants: 844.710.2357

Lubricant Services

24/7/365 Delivery

Bulk Product Repackaging

Highly-Trained Lubricant Specialists

Dedicated Delivery Fleet

Emergency Deliveries

Lubricant Oil Analysis

Multiple Products and Brands

Pre-Filtered Guarantee

Remote Tank Monitoring

Tank Equipment

Wireless Monitoring

Technical Services

Surveys & Recommendations

Lubrication Consolidation
Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
Storage & Handling

Industries We Serve




Food Grade





Pulp & Paper

Power Generation




Lubricant Packaging



55 Gallon Drum


5 Gallon Pail


Lubricant Transport



Package Truck

Automotive & Heavy Duty Gear Lubricants

Automotive Heavy Duty Gear Icon

Heavy-Duty applications

CK-4 Synthetic Blend 15W40

Synthetic Gear Lubricants (70w90, 50w, 75w140, 80w140)

Regular Gear Oil (80w90)

Premium Gear Oils (MP)

Limited Slip Gear Oils

Compressor Lubricants

Compressor Lubricants Icon

Compressor Oil Cleaner

Food Grade





Most Crossovers Available

Engine Oils

HD Engine Oil Icon
Heavy Duty Engine Oils

15w40 – CK-4 Synthetic Blend

Airplane & Turbo Oil


Industrial Gas Engine Oils

Low Ash

Railroad Lubricants

Single Viscosity

Synthetic Blends

Turbine Oil

Engine Oils Icon
PCMO - Engine Oils - GF-5

PCMO (Passenger Car Motor Oils)

Fully Synthetic Dexos1 Generation 2 approved

Synthetic Blends

High Mileage Oil

Full Synthetic

Synthetic Blend

Small Engine Oils Icon
Small Engine Oils

Air Cooled

Full Synthetic

Synthetic Blend

Food Grade Products

Food Grade Icon

Food Grade Compressor Oil

FFD FR Fluids

Food Grade Grease

Food Grade Hydraulics

Food Grade Synthetic Gear Oils

Functional Products

Functional Products Icon

Antifreeze and Coolants

Bar and Chain Lube

Brake & Parts Cleaner

Concrete Form Oil

DEF Fluid- Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Press Oil

Saw Guide Oil


Grease Icon

Food Grade Machinery Grease

High-Temperature Grease

Hub Guard Greases

Lithoplex Grease

Marine Grease

Moly Grease

Multi-Purpose Grease

Full Synthetic Grease

Synthetic Blend

Industrial Fluids

Industrial Fluids Icon

Heat Transfer Fluid

A/W (anti-wear) Hydraulics

Cherry Picker / Transformer Hydraulic Fuel

Environmentally Safe Hydraulics

Fire Resistant Hydraulic

No Zinc Hydraulic Oil


Gas, Steam, Compressor Fluid

Machinery Lubricants/Plain

No Drip Oils

Non-Additive Mineral Oil

Rust Preventative Oil

Turbine Oils

Industrial Gear Oils

Industrial Gear Oil Icon

Asphaltic Base Open Gear Grease

EP (extreme pressure) Compounds

Heavy Mining Lubes-Drag Lines

High Temperature Synthetics

Open Gear Grease

Super Demulsibility – Circulating Systems (AGMA - American Gear Manufacturing Association/R&O)

Synthetic EP (extreme pressure) Lubricants

Metal Working Fluids

Metal Working Fluids Icon

Cutting Oils-Variety of Types

Grinding Oils-Variety of Types

HD (heavy-duty) Synthetic Coolant Fluids

Metal Processing Oils- No chlorine

Quench Fluids - Heat Treatment of Steel

Specialty Products

Speciality Product Icon

Heavy-Duty Degreasers

Ice Machine Oil

Mineral Spirits

Paper Machine Oil

Paper & Forest Products

Refrigeration Lubricants:


Rock Drill Oil

Transmission Fluids

Transmission Fluid Icon

Allison Transmission Fluid (ATF)

ATF +3 (Allison Transmission Fluid)

ATF +4 (Allison Transmission Fluid)

ATF (Allison Transmission Fluid) Type F

Dexron-III \ Mercon

50w Synthetics and Regular

Torque Converter Fluid

Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

HD (heavy-duty) Transmission Fluids-TO-4

White Mineral Oil

White Mineral Oil Icon