Fuel's Future Has Arrived

Renewable diesel is fully compatible with all diesel engines, no vehicle modifications required. The transition to a more sustainable process made easy by switching between fuel types without conversion costs to vehicles or storage infrastructure. Renewable diesel is a drop-in fuel meaning it can be blended with any ratio of fossil fuel — simply drop and go!

Colonial Oil is proud to share that we are now leading the energy transition in our region by providing renewable diesel (R99) as the first distributor on the East Coast. Renewable diesel is also available for full truck and trailer loads, tank wagon deliveries, truck-to-truck on-site mobile fueling, and more.

What is Renewable Diesel?

Renewable diesel is a high-quality diesel made from renewable materials that do not release new carbon into the atmosphere. It has the same molecular composition as petroleum diesel and meets the same ASTM standards (D975).

Renewable Diesel VS BioDiesel

Biodiesel and renewable diesel have different manufacturing processes that result in products with different molecular structures—biodiesel is a methyl-ester and renewable diesel is a hydrocarbon. There is no limit for renewable diesel that can be blended with petroleum diesel because they are chemically identical. Renewable diesel is clear and has no smell. It has a high flash point and zero aromatics which makes for a safer and more pleasant working environment.

Renewable Diesel Green Pipes
Renewable Diesel Red Truck

The Benefits:

Zero change or disruption to your fleet operations

Burns cleaner due to high cetane number and zero aromatics.

Less soot can lead to fewer regenerations and lower backpressure, improving fuel economy.

Improved DPF safety due to reduced soot load and less risk of overtemp.

More flexibility due to RD being a direct replacement for diesel or blended with any amount.


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