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Comprehensive Product Line

COI supplies the highest quality Lubricant & Fuel products. This page includes links to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each brand we carry. Use the brand links below to jump to a specific brand:

Castrol Marine | Citgo | Clarion | Fuchs | Kendall | Lucas | Mystik | Phillips 66 | Power Service | ProShield | Shell | Total Energies

Cylinder Oils

Two-Stroke Crankcase

Diesel Engines-Heavy Duty Operation

Diesel Engines-Distillate Fuel Operation

Hydraulic Systems


Air Compressors

Gas Compressors

Refrigeration Systems


Grease Applications

Stern Tubes & Thrusters



CITGO Engine Oils

CITGO Automotive Gear Lubricants

CITGO Transmission Fluids

CITGO Greases

CITGO Industrial Fluids

CITGO Metalworking Fluids

CITGO Industrial Gas Engine Oils

CITGO Functional Product

CITGO Compressor Lubricants

CITGO Industrial Gear Oils

CITGO Railroad Lubricants

CITGO Process Oils

Clarion Food Grade White Mineral Oils

Incidental Food Contact (NSF H-1)
Registered Lubricants

Clarion Food Machinery A/W Oils

Clarion Food Machinery Gear Lubes

Clarion Food Machinery HT EP Greases

Clarion Chain and Trolley Lube

Clarion FM CS EP 2 Grease

Clarion Food Grade FR Fluid

Clarion Food Machinery Grease No

Clarion PM Hi-Temp Food Machinery 100 Greases

Incidental Food Conta ct (NSF H-1)
Registered Synthetic Lubricants

Clarion CompressorGard

Clarion Synbar® Fluids

Clarion Synthetic Gear Fluids

Clarion Synthetic Refrigeration Fluid

Clarion Green A/W Oils

Clarion Green Synthetic Fluids

Clarion Green BIO

Clarion Green Gear Lubes

Clarion Green HT EP Grease

Industrial Division


Corrosion Preventatives

Cutting and Grinding Fluids

Drawing and Stamping


Lubricating Oils

Quench Oils

Forging Lubricants

Steel Division

Aluminum Complex Greases

Lithium Complex Greases

Coupling Greases

Calcium Sulfonate Greases

Casting Fluids

Crane Gear Box Lubricants

Pre Lubes

Gear/Hydraulic and Grinding Fluids

Automotive Engine Oil

Automotive Lubricants

2-Cycle, Small Engine Oil

Power Transmission Fluid

Hydraulic Fluids

Industrial Gear Oil

2-Cycle, Greases

Compressor Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Industrial Gear Lubricants

Industrial Greases

Metalworking Fluids

Turbine Oils

Specialty Lubricants

Automotive Engine Oils

Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Natural Gas Engine Oil

2-Cycle / Small HP Engines Oil

Industrial Oils


Automatic Lubricators

Liquid Titanium HDEO

Gear Lubricants

Environmentally Conscious Lubricants

Point Lubricants

Antifreeze & Coolants

Colonial Shield

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